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I backtracked and read all the Psy-Changeling novels by Nalini Singh that I didn’t get to my first go around:

  1. Slave to Sensation
  2. Visions of Heat
  3. Caressed By Ice
  4. Blaze of Memory
  5. Kiss of Snow

As for movies, I watched Spiderman: Homecoming and War for the Planet of the Apes. War for the Planet of the Apes had a surprising emotional complexity that I absolutely did not expect, even though I haven’t watched the previous two films.


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psy changeling series

On my flight back from vacation a few weeks ago, I ended up re-reading the Night Shift anthology by Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Lisa Shearin, and Milla Vane. It was my first time reading the story “Secrets by Midnight” by Nalini Singh, and with that one story, I was hooked into her Psy-Changeling series.

In the few weeks since I’ve discovered the Psy-Changeling series/world, I’ve devoured a good portion of the series, even if somewhat out of order. So far, I’ve read the following novels in the series:

  1. Mine to Possess
  2. Hostage to Pleasure
  3. Branded by Fire
  4. Bonds of Justice
  5. Play of Passion
  6. Tangle of Need
  7. Heart of Obsidian
  8. Shield of Winter
  9. Shards of Hope
  10. Allegiance of Honor
  11. Silver Silence*

*Silver Silence is “technically” the start of the second story arc of this world, listed as part of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series but set in the same world.

Of all the heroes and heroines so far, I’ve found the hero in Heart of Obsidian the most interesting. He’s not exactly a “hero” in the regular sense but then again, I’ve always been drawn to men with a side of mystery, I suppose. The changeling males are just too easy to understand their motives, although it did make for very entertaining reading in in Branded by Fire and Play of Passion.


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